How You Know You Have A Profound Hearing Loss

The ability to hear clearly is due to one of your five senses. Go back fifty, sixty years and, whether you were born with this disability or it occurred due to illness or accident, a profound hearing loss could have set you back to something akin to the dark ages. Profound hearing loss, however, is no longer the life crippler that it was back in the day, not since the day when so many new digital and surgical technologies entered the mainframe of the specialists’ work.

When it occurs, profound hearing loss is not your fault entirely. The sudden loss of hearing can beĀ  caused by a number of diseases and conditions, some of which can be treated and cured, and some still from which there is no apparent recovery. But it is fortunate that today, there is not as much stigma and ignorance surrounding the wearing of a hearing aid as there was back in the day. Of course, thanks to technology, hearing aids are hardly seen anyhow.

If the audiologist’s diagnosis confirms that these small hearing aids are perfectly suited to your condition, then you could be wearing inner ear hearing aids. They are so small that no-one’s even going to notice. Further still, they’ll not know that you have a hearing condition because just as long as these hearing aids are in good working order, you should be hearing things perfectly, maybe even better than some people out there.

Many of the new hearing aids are equipped with state of the art digital technologies. And nine times out of ten, the new aids, whether digital or analogue, are (computer) software generated. That also means that the audiologist is now able to program the new aid perfectly in line with your hearing loss. And don’t forget that digital technology has the ability to block out all interfering noises, allowing you to focus your hearing solely on one thing (the TV or the person with whom you are talking).

It’s very exciting, isn’t it? So much so that the writer gets carried away and goes off the point of what she wanted to say originally. That being said, let this short article close off then on naming the possible causes of a severe or profound hearing loss. The older you get, the worse your hearing may become. This is only natural and, of course, it differs from person to person. This may come down to a genetic disposition.

But it could also come down to social circumstances or an occupational hazard if you could call it that. Like for argument’s sake; you’ve been a construction worker all your life. Or a rock musician. At the time of writing, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones fame would be well into his seventies by now. You would have thought that his hearing would have gone cold stone. But don’t be surprised that he hears every last whisper that you make.

Profound hearing losscaused by a number of diseases and conditions

Because by now he’s probably wearing a hearing aid.